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  • What is the warranty on the Race Rubber?
    To the original purchaser the Race Rubber stop switch component has a lifetiime warranty. Email us for return information and authorization, then send us your old race rubber for inspection and we will send a new one out based upon the inspection!
  • Do you have a rider athlete program?
    Yes! Follow the steps below for consideration: Email portfolio or resume to Ask yourself how can I help out the Race Rubber brand. Include in your resume your social media accounts, followers etc. We will not just blindly sponsor riders! You need to bring something to the table, we are a business not unicef, so don't bother if you are just looking for free product without effort on your side.
  • Does the Race Rubber fit all models?
    Most! As long as your sled has a button style kill switch it should work and function accordingly creating a momentary switch. If you have specific model questions please drop us an email.
  • How do I become a dealer for Race Rubber products?
    Email us at, please include all you dealer information, name, address, location as well as the brands that you carry as a dealership. We generally try to set up brick and mortar locations only but there are exceptions if you are a successful online business and can prove it.
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