How we started


As former sno-cross racers we were always trying to hide the kill switch or move it to a different location so it could not easily be engaged.  That helps with one problem and creates another, not allowing easy access when you need it.  Many methods have been used by all of us trying to resolve the issue, rubber bands, zip ties, castration bands, hair elastics.  But all are temporary and eventually fail.  

Hence the Race Rubber

Why Race Rubber?


The Race Rubber was built as a long lasting solution to solve the dreaded inconveniences of loosing control of the machine at the worst times possible.  Leading to digging your sled out, eating the bars, or engaging the involuntary act of the "rocky mountain scorpion."  Not to mention the verbal abuse you are taking from your riding buddies that just witnessed these events.  It may be an act of mother nature as a low hanging branch taps the switch.  The list of reasons goes on and on.  Help us, Help you.  Get the Race Rubber and use it.


“I will never have to hide my switch again, thanks RR.”


“I used to hit my kill switch a few times a ride, now I don't even have to worry about it, best thing I have put on my sled.”


“I have used and abused it for a few seasons now and it works as good as the day I put it on, thanks for a great product.”

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