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The Race Rubber Stop Switch Component Fits All Current Models

race rubber polaris snowmobile
race rubber arctic cat
race rubber lynx snowmobile
race rubber ski-doo snowmobile



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Upgrade Your Riding Ability and Take Control!


Elevate your riding experience to new heights with our cutting-edge Race Rubber Stop Switch Component. Crafted with precision and designed for perfection, this essential riding accessory will revolutionize the way you ride and control your sled!


Key Features:


Enhanced Precision: Our Race Rubber Stop Switch Component provides unrivaled control, ensuring swift and accurate response during critical use of the Stop Switch. Say goodbye to accidental engagements and hello to flawless control. 


Ergonomic Design: The Race Rubber's ergonomic design offers unrivaled control of your stock switch setup, allowing you to maintain focus and perform at your best when you need it. Its seamless integration with your stock switch setup will make you forget it's even there - until you need it.


Durable Construction: Engineered with high-quality performance material, the Race Rubber is built to withstand the toughest elements, rigors of intense racing and riding sessions, ensuring longevity and consistent performance.  The Race Rubber is UV stable and will not waiver like most temporary fixes such as o-rings and rubber bands.


Quick Installation: Installing the Race Rubber Stop Switch Component is a breeze needing no tools and taking mere seconds, saving you valuable time that you can invest in refining your riding skills.


Versatility: Whether you're a seasoned professional or a passionate enthusiast, this component caters to all skill levels and riding setups, making it the ultimate choice for every rider.  Don't let a mediocre switch hinder your riding dreams. Upgrade to the Race Rubber Stop Switch Component today and leave your competition behind. The Race Rubber fits  all Current Brand Models, Arctic Cat / Yamaha, Polaris, as well as BRP models Lynx and Ski-Doo!


It's time to conquer the backcountry like never before!

Click that Buy Now button and "Level Up Your Riding Confidence!"

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